Fusion | The Business Catalyst
Work completed at Creative Pod

Brand identity, website design and build for Fusion – The Business Catalyst that's puts the right people together to address a whole range of business issues.


Branding, Digital Strategy, UI Design, UX Design, Webflow Build, CMS, Webflow Training


The brief for Fusion was to create a brand that demonstrated the ethos of the clients networking skills and their ability to connect the right people together in the business world acting like a catalyst. I quickly realised the word FUSION was well balanced with 6 characters and that I could split the word into three sections of two characters, this means the middle two characters would play the role of middleman. The two outside characters are joined by colour and width of lines to create an enclosed brand and show a sense of network. The website is a very simple design, using the brand colours and attributes in simple but effective ways to create clear calls to actions. The project was born out of COVID restrictions impacting networking events across the UK, so the answer was to simply move into the digital world and push the brand online, futureproofing the business.


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